This article discuss the practical aspects of copyright, as of the known mp3 files format and karaoke files, very different from the first ones, and also a great option of incentive in the CDís sales and increase of the public in shows.

ďThe world has changedĒ

This phrase that introduces the movie ďLord of the RingsĒ, is also mentioned several times by all of us along our lives. We could add ďand what a speed!Ē
When we examine the history of humanity, we can see that in the last years there happened advancements never seen before. Deep inside, maybe the mankind is not progressing very much. However, technology is developing in such way that two years nowadays correspond to more than hundred years in middle ages. In fact, in our professions everybody works hard to come along with the progress, and difficultly get it.
The question of copyright is one of the most troublesome nowadays. From one side, the law becomes harder with tough punishments, from the other side, the control over piracy is even more difficult to be done. Itís like trying to hold a cream in our hands, it will inevitably slide over through our fingers.

The Law exists trying to control, to rule, give a direction to a real situation: after a specific reality has been noticed, they try to mould it through the legislation.

Nowadays, the main profits of singers and musicians are the CDís sale and the shows realized. The sale of the images in television or newspaper, the exposition of their music in radios, music books and other ways, only creates peripheral gains. In fact, these ways are more efficient to make their work become public than to give them profits.

 MP3 Files

There are several kinds of music files. The most detached one is MP3 format, because it reproduces exactly the original song with digital quality and it has a small size, due to the compression process used in it. It allows the famous ďdownloadsĒ and files exchange, very common on the internet.

The free distribution of MP3 files on the internet reaches and damages straightly the main source of revenue of the musicians: the sale of CDís. Piracy helps to increase the audience related to the shows, but in small scale. A proof of this fact is that several musical bands, when starts their careers, permit the free distribution of their songs on the web.

The non authorized sales of MP3 attacks the sale of original CDís and also offences the ethics. Itís an illicit form to gain money using someone elseís work.

The distribution of these files on the internet, sold or not, without the payment of copyrigth would be totally disgusting, except by the observation of several facts about the reality:

- In a research realized by Pew Internet and American Life Project, published recently, we notice that about 35 millions of adult Americans use the music files sharing software, like Kazaa, Gnutela among others P2P sharing tools. This number increase for 60 millions of Americans, if considering the users of all ages.

- 72% of the young Americans between 18 to 29 years old affirm they donít worry about copyrights. To the Americans in the average of 30 to 49 years old, 61% have similar opinion. But the full-time students reached the biggest index, 82%.

- Big enterprises in the whole world try to legalize their websites and to pay for the copyrights. However, they canít find practical and viable ways to do it in financial terms, because the Associations, the big Music Recorders and Publishers arenít still ready for this market. They decide for take off the websites from the air or claim for nonsensical amounts of money, that turns impossible any work.

- The governmental entities in charge of the copyrights questions havenít found any efficient, effective or practical solution for the exposition of musics on the internet.

- Finally, we notice that several people want to pay, but they donít know how much, for whom or how they have to pay and regularize this situation.

All these points and much others make us to question ourselves about our first impulse to judge almost as ďcriminalĒ that ones who distribute MP3 files on the Internet. The point is: each case must be analysed carefully, without euphemism.

 Karaoke Files

Other kind of files, also found in millions of websites, are KAR, ST3, MK1 formats and similar. Different from MP3 and Wave formats, these files donít have the sound of the music, the voice of the singers or the sound of the musical instruments. It contains the lyric of the songs and a kind of ďmusic scoreĒ, which permits to the computer programs to read it and run it. These files are used in programs such as ďkaraoke playersĒ, that shows the lyric of the songs, while uses the resources of the computer to play the tune.

Letís examine the free distribution of these files: it is used to enable the karaoke users to sing the musics. Itís a very common habit in oriental countries. Even more it becomes a hobby of families all over the world. It is for sure, an entertainment that stimulates a lot the sale of CDís. Who likes singing, likes to hear the musics for sure, trying to know them better. Itís good to promote the singer and the musical band, helping the success of the shows, even that indirectly. This point of view is very interesting and real. The karaoke recreation, in fact, is extremely favourable to bands and singers and, in consequence, to composers and music publishers.

Letís go ahead a bit more: The distribution of karaoke files can also stimulates the sale of tablature magazines, because many people who likes to sing, also wants to play the songs in musical instruments. Itís the spread of the music in all the aspects.

The only ones who could feel damaged with the increasing of the karaoke on the internet are the sellers of karaoke titles for DVD, players that has this resource. This market is still unknown in the majority of the countries, and the reality points to a distinct public for it. The video-karaoke of DVD is a sophisticated product with better quality of sound and image that permits to play real videoclips as background images for the lyrics. Itís probable that the spread of karaoke recreation of files and programs by the internet can interfere the decision of that ones who will acquire their equipment: At the moment of acquisition, they will prefer an equipment that contains the karaoke resources, in preference, with titles and microphones. We could even risk that there is a positive influence in sales of DVDís titles, because if you have such equipment in home, of course youíll explore it.

Anyway, the karaoke is a market completely different from audio CDís and from MP3 files. In fact, thatís the situation. Nevertheless, the legislation in the whole world still havenít faced this reality and treats the music as an unique thing, independent on the format it is presented. The karaoke files should receive a completely different treatment from MP3 files. In neither moment we are telling that copyrights can be passed over. However, these are completely different situations that should be considered, even more if there is no gain of profits in the distribution.

If we examine the last news about copyrights on the internet, we can see that we are closer to a practical solution for the Mp3 question. We hope that karaoke files have the adequate treatment they deserve.

 Website GOSING

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From many years the owners keep on searching and questioning the Musical Editors, governmental entities and several Associations about the question of Copyrights. They negotiated a lot of contracts and received authorization for their purpose, but still nothing ample and conclusive. At present days, they are providing the required deposits related to the Copyrights with a specialized lawyer coming along with the case. They keep working in new contracts, wider and more durable, and they intent to effect them at short term.

 Files of Website GOSING

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